"'Twas the Night Before Maple Season"

February 16, 2018 Randi Korona


'Twas the night before our first run

When all through the sugarbush

Not a maple tree was untapped

And the sap flowed in a gush. 



The pumps were all running in the woods with a hum

In hopes that come morning, we will accumulate a large sum. 

 Our family was nestled all snug in our beds

While visions of fresh maple syrup danced in our heads. 


Granny in her many layers of fleece and Grampy in his Leader cap

had just settled down for what will likely be their last Winter nap

when out in the woods another gentle warm wind picked up;

for the next few weeks we will sleep little and in the saphouse we'll sup.


The 2018 maple season is here and has settled officially upon us

Sugar content; barometric pressure, & reverse osmosis are the topics we now discuss

For 4-6 weeks each year we work hard to harvest our maple sap

with our hearts in the woods & our eyes glued to the weather map.


We'd like to send Good Luck wishes to our fellow maple producers in hopes that we all have a productive Spring

Hundreds of gallons of maple syrup is what we all hope for, but with unpredictable weather we're ready for anything!