It Starts With Love

November 28, 2015 Randi Korona

Let's face it - we wouldn't be in the maple business if we didn't love it.  I think I've already mentioned that we put a lot of long hours into our lives as maple producers.  And as anyone involved in the agriculture industry can tell you: the blood, sweat, and tears that go into our everyday work can be taxing.  But there is a reason why we do it, and that reason is the love that we have for our product.  For producing our product, for consuming our product, and for marketing our product.  This year the marketing of our product took a new spin, and it is a spin that really helps represent the love that we have for maple.  We are expanding into the wedding world - where love is all you need! 

I decided to take on this little branch of our business in January when my dad and husband came home from a maple conference talking about a workshop they had gone to that addressed maple syrup and maple candy as favors, particularly wedding favors.  I get excited when people talk about weddings.  I have two of my very best friends who are florists and I love to see the photos of the work they do for brides around the Northeast.  It is absolutely amazing to me to see what an influence they can have on a couple's big day, and I'm so proud to call such talented ladies my friends.  I have two more very dear friends who work part-time at a local wedding venue, and I love to listen to their stories about their work on what is often the most memorable day of any couple's life.  So I decided that venturing into the world of weddings through my love of all things maple was worth a shot.  

The past few months have been a blast.  I have been able to put together many favors, gift bags, and even centerpieces for bridal showers, weddings, and several other special events.  Everything from maple coffee and heart-shaped maple candies to small, elegant containers of pure maple syrup. But I have to say that there are three that stand out to me, and that is because they are three weddings that I was able to attend.  The first was the wedding of a colleague who is very dear to me.  Linda has played a special role in helping me grow as a teacher at Canajoharie High School since I started there ten years ago.  So when she approached me about putting together wedding favors for her July wedding at the Windfall Dutch Barn, I was absolutely overjoyed.  The glass hearts that she chose looked beautiful on the old wooden table at the barn, and it was powerful to hear the number of guests who commented on the beauty and practicality of the wedding favor. 

The second wedding was that of my cousin Zach, who has been more like a brother since the day he was born.  Zach and his fiancee, Katerina, were married right here at Stone House Farm in August and they literally had the most perfect summer day for a wedding. The glass mason jars that they chose for their maple wedding favors turned out pretty perfect too and went so well with their sunflower theme.

And then this Fall, it was time for my sister to tie the knot.  She chose to have maple candies available to guests with a tag that indicated the table number that they would be sitting at.  And at her request, those candies were in the shape of a cow!  It was tough because maple candy isn't something you can make very easily with a regular candy mold, but we pulled it off.  And of course, those are the ones that we did not get a very good photo of, so here's a look at what someone captured with their low-quality cell phone camera.  (You'll have to take my word for it - they really did look great; the picture does it no justice!) 

I look forward to helping more soon-to-be newlyweds figure out a way to incorporate maple into their weddings or other special events!