It's HUGE!

April 10, 2015 Randi Korona

That's right... this has been a BIG week!  Our goal each season is to produce 1,000 gallons of maple syrup.  We feel that with the size of our operation, that's a pretty realistic and attainable goal.  After such a late start, and winter weather that was seemingly never going to end, it was really hard to tell if we would be able to reach our goal this season.  The problem with such a late start is that as soon as the warm temperatures come and the trees start budding, the season is over.  Well, that Spring warm-up has clearly been delayed as we woke up to yet another snowfall and ice on the trees yesterday morning. So we are happy to say that at least this cold weather has had a positive effect on our maple season.   That's right, we hit our goal this week!  That 1,000 gallon mark was passed thanks to a couple of days of really big sap runs.

Of course, those days where the sap just gushes out of the trees means long days for everyone.  I jokingly referred to myself as a Maple Widow when talking to guests in the sap house last weekend, and then tried to think to myself when was the last time I saw my husband?  We truly believe in the old rule that when sap is gathered, it should be boiled right away to produce the best tasting maple syrup.  That's why there are some days that start to run together; because when the sap tanks are filling up around the clock then we must boil around the clock!  And that's precisely the kind of week we had.  In fact, there was one day where we achieved our largest single day production ever.  Our little operation made 120 gallons of maple syrup IN ONE DAY!  While the whole week was a productive one, that is an especially notable accomplishment. 

And when we talk about what a big week it was for us, we must mention the other big news that has had our whole family on Cloud 9 since Saturday.  That would be the announcement that my sister, Amy, is getting married.  Last weekend, her boyfriend, Scott, proposed to her and it really couldn't have been better timing for everyone.  With some long, labor-intensive days in the sap house thanks to Mother Nature, this was the news that kept wings on everyone's feet when we were feeling fatigue start to set in.  Scott and Amy even met in the sap house, so what better place for him to propose than in the building where it all started.  See, when I tell you that we're a "maple family" - I'm not kidding!  The excitement and passion that has radiated from them this week has been contagious for all of us, and a welcome piece of news in the heart of our busy season.  Another HUGE Congratulations to you both, and Cheers to a long, happy, maple-filled future!

As we look ahead to a new week, we are all wondering the same much more of our 2015 maple season is left? It's hard to tell right now, but it certainly feels good to have achieved our goal and now we shall see how much more we can add to that total!

If you see Amy and Scott in the sap house this weekend, make sure to give them a hug!